What is CyberCertify?

CyberCertify is the learning management system of Cyber Security Training and Consulting LLC. The courses, certifications, and badging are all developed by the company. We do not offer courses from other training providers. We developed this platform because it was far more affordable than using third-party solutions. Plus, we also have more flexibility over the platform, which is built on Moodle. Our motto here is to keep it simple so we have streamlined the platform and removed unnecessary fluff.

How much does each course cost?

  • Cyber Crisis Management Series - The price of each course is listed on the site. Prices may vary over the course of time due to special offers. We do not 'price match' or payout pricing differences (i.e. if the price is higher than the price two months later, we will not refund you the difference).
  • 60 Seconds of Cyber Series - The price is listed on the home page.
What do the differences in pricing mean?

  • Take Now on CyberCertify - This option is for individuals and companies that want the flexibility to take whichever courses they want at any time. This is the quickest, most affordable option for small- and medium-sized businesses.
  • Company Purchased: Hosted on CyberCertify - This option is for companies that don't have their own learning management system but want to take advantage of unlimited access for unlimited number of employees. Customers may choose one or more volume of courses. Customers that purchase this must supply a list of employee names and email addresses, which will be used by CyberCertify to create their accounts.
  • Company Purchased: Hosted on Customer LMS - This option is for companies that have their own SCORM 1.2 compliant learning management system. CyberCertify will generate a custom library of courses with embedded expiration dates. Please allow up to five business days for the custom library to be created. Customers will be given a link to download the material.
We are a company and want to test the content on our own LMS. Can you give us a sample?

  • Yes, we have a sample to provide you. Please contact us if you would like it.
What are ‘volumes’?

  • Volumes are pre-defined collections of courses.
Can we create our own volume of courses from the series?

  • Unfortunately, no. One of the primary reasons our courses are so affordable is due to us employing standardized sets of material, which cuts down on the amount of manual labor (i.e. overhead expense) to serve customers. We hope that makes sense.
Why are your prices so much lower than other companies?

  • We employ the keep it simple mindset. We've seen some of the 'security awareness/phishing' programs some companies offer, and it just feels like too, too much. We believe humans are smart and don't need silly cartoons or skits or dramatics series in order to make them security aware. Our 60 Seconds of Cyber series gets straight to the point in a simple-to-understand manner and shares a variety of security topics designed to bring the whole field into perspective...to help people 'get it'.
How does 'certification' and 'badging' work for the courses?

  • Cyber Crisis Management series - These courses are the first in a three-step process to becoming certified. Students will complete the course, then take an exam, and then submit evidence of completion of coursework. Once all of these are successfully achieved, certification and badging will be completed, and students are notified on how to add them to their LinkedIn profile and/or badge backpack.
  • 60 Seconds of Cyber series
    • For those that take the courses on CyberCertify, the process of certification and badging is automatic after each course is completed. You will receive an email with details on how to add the credentials to your LinkedIn profile.
    • For those that take the courses from their company's learning management system, the badging and certification process must be implemented by their company. We provide the details regarding integration via API to automate the process.